Providing Efficiency

Grupo Atento provides a specialised, scalable and measurable service which saves companies from having to make hefty investments with uncertain results.

Lightens the assets on companies' balance sheets (facilities, equipment, software, personnel, etc.) which do not form part of their core business, thereby cutting down on their financial requirements.

Generates interdepartmental synergies by making the customer the centre of attention.

Grupo Atento thus becomes a strategic partner for businesses.

Telemarketing has a higher success rate than other conventional means (catalogue, fax, direct mail …).

Relational database optimise the effectiveness of any commercial campaign.

A satisfied client is always more profitable.

Specialisation by Sector

Grupo Atento specialises in the following sectors:

· Telecommunications
· Finance
· Energy
· Consumer products
· Transport
· Government institutions and public administrations

This specialisation further enriches the services Grupo Atento offers its clients, by permitting the company to "learn", generate synergies, discover best practices and put them at their customers' service.

Clients on the Vanguard of Management

The companies for whom Grupo Atento works operate in very diverse sectors, sometimes competing among themselves.

But there is one common denominator: they are all innovative companies on the vanguard in management methods.
These companies are thoroughly familiar with the advantages of working with specialists and outsourcing their non-core activities, thereby improving their efficiency and profitability.
Socially Responsible
Ever since the commencement of its operations, Grupo Atento has been a company that is fully aware of its social responsibility.
Since the beginning, it has been enormously active in the area of job creation.
In fact, its total staff has grown from 32,776 to more than 54,000 people in just three years.
In addition, Grupo Atento is one of the most important companies for giving employees their first job opportunities and one of the leading companies for enabling people to combine work and study.
More than fifty percent of Grupo Atento's professional staff are women, thus confirming the fact that it is an "equal opportunity employer".
Moreover, Grupo Atento has co-operated in numerous efforts following natural disasters such as the dramatic floods which devasted the province of Santa Fe, where the company provided aid for the affected population. Or in Brazil where the company particpated intensely in the Zero Hunger project, created by the government to eliminate huger in the country.
Grupo Atento is organised on the basis of a matrix structure with responsibilities for markets and areas, for a deeper knowledge of markets and functional areas throughout the entire organisation.
The corporate structure, headquartered in Spain, is composed of seven corporate departments that report directly to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Alberto Horcajo.

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