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The services and solutions offered by Atento make it feasible for your company to implement any project designed to resolve your customer service needs and requirements without having to invest in your own infrastructure.

The fact that Atento specialises in rendering customer services that focus on businesses' relationships with their customers through contact centres or multichannel platforms (telephone, fax, Internet...) can help your company be more competitive.

To do so, Atento places its highly specialised staff, a broad range of services and solutions and the most advanced technology at your service.

The sum of these three factors will enable you to be more efficient in your customer relations and to obtain significant strategic advantages while reducing your overhead expenses and risks.

Atento's catalogue of solutions and services is intended for those private and public businesses or institutions that want to improve their customer relations and transform customer management into a business opportunity.

A Sound Business
In 2003, Atento continued consolidating its leadership in the Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets, and also began its penetrating of the French market through its subsidiary in Morocco.

BBVA, one of the leading banks where Atento is present, completed its entry into Atento NV´s capital, Grupo Atento´s parent company. At the end of last year, BBVA´s participation in Grupo Atento rose to 8.65% of capital share, with Grupo Telefónica remaining the main shareholder. BBVA´s presence enabled Atento to strengthen its commercial activities in the financial sector, both in Spain an in the main countries of Latin America.

In 2003, the Group achieved revenues of 496.6 million euros, 13.4% less than during the previous year. This decrease was mainly caused by exchange rate fluctuations. Upon eliminating the exchange rate effect, the drop in revenue was only 2.2%.

Open Service Provider
Grupo Atento renders it services to companies who compete with one another, thus acting as a "neutral" tool in competitive markets.

This "openness" has enabled it to further improve its services to certain sectors, where it has achieved a high level of specialisation.

Global and Local Service
Its presence in 12 countries and its leadership in the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets enable Grupo Atento to offer its clients privileged access to their respective markets.

Service Capacity

At the end of 2003, Grupo Atento's international network had 51 contact centres or multichannel platforms (telephone, fax, Internet…) with more than 27,700 customer service positions and a total staff of 54,000 people.

At the same time, Grupo Atento has positioned itself to be on the vanguard in new call management technologies using intelligent voice recognition (IVR) to render its clients even more efficient service.

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